Dolphin’s Time trial

Dolphin’s Time trial


Taking the intimidation out of time trail

Every Thursday night the club is open and we run a time trail for runners and walkers, all abilities are welcome. However, you might read the word “time trail” and find it intimidating. The first thing you need to understand is that a time trail is not a race. Essentially, time trails are there to measure your current level of performance against the clock. It is a set distance that you run as fast as you can.

We have a 4 and 8 km routes, which has been exactly measured, and so each week you can monitor your improvement and benchmark you ability. For example, you come and run a time trail this week Wednesday and record your time. If you then continue to train during the week and come back and run again you will be able to judge how much you have improved.

For marathon runners a time trail is a good indication on whether your training is going according to plan and what time you can expect to run during a race. Once you start to see an improvement you’re not just plodding or base building, you are actually progressing and that is a great feeling! The most important thing is that the evidence of your improvement is right in front of you.

Dr George Sheehan said

“It’s hard in the beginning to understand the whole idea is not the beat the other runners. Eventually you learn that the competition is against the little voice inside your head that wants you to quit. “


So don’t be intimidated by the word “time trail” but rather come and join us!

Time Trial Routes

All runners and walkers are welcome.

There are 4km and 8 km routes available for varying capabilities.

We encourage all runners and walkers to wear visible clothing and be aware of traffic.


Time Trial Times


Spring – Summer : Start time – 17:45   (first week in September to the last week in February)
Autumn – Winter : Start time – 17:30   (first week in March until the last week in August)


Ballito Clubhouse address 


No. 4 Dolphin Crescent, Ballito (round the corner from Waterberry Coffee Shop) 


8km  TT route Strava link:


4km TT route Strava link: