New Single Membership – Code of Conduct

Dolphin Coast Striders Code of Conduct


Please read the Dolphin Coast Striders Code of Conduct below and press proceed to continue with payment.

I hereby acknowledge that:

  1. Dolphin Coast Striders shall not accept any liability for any loss, damage or injury that may result from any activity at or organised by the club or committee.
  2. I agree to abide by the Dolphin Coast Striders code of conduct as detailed below.
  3. I cannot enter The Deloitte Challenge or The Big Hill Run or any other club organised event where club members are required to assist.


Dolphin Coast Striders Members Code of Conduct:

All members of Dolphin Coast Striders (The Club) will at all times conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the accepted norms of society, the constitutions of the Club, KZN Athletics and Athletics South Africa and will ensure that they do not by their words or actions bring the club into disrepute. Specifically, all members agree that as a condition of their membership they accept and abide by the following conditions:

  1. Members will not use words whether spoken or written that are deemed to be racially, sexually or religiously offensive.
  2. Members will not use any gesture or action that is deemed to be racially, sexually or religiously offensive.
  3. When competing in athletics events, members will not make any offensive remarks or gestures to any member of the public, any race official or any member of the traffic police.
  4. Members will not post on any club social media platform anything that is racially, sexually, religiously offensive.
  5. Members may not participate in any club organised event that requires help from the members
  6. Members may not share private details of their fellow active or non-active club members without their explicit authorisation to do so.


Should a formal complaint be received about the conduct of any member of the club in terms of the above they may be asked to appear before the disciplinary committee of the club.The member in question will be notified to appear before the disciplinary committee of the club via the contact information provided on the completed membership form or account profile on the website as provided by the member. The decision of the club disciplinary committee will be final and binding upon the member.

By pressing proceed you agree to the above-mentioned.