Club runs

Club Runs

A very clever person once said:

It’s not about the destination; its about the journey.


In one week we can go from seeing the most amazing sunrise on the boardwalk to stopping to admire two schools of dolphins playing in the waves. We are fortunate to have a beautiful running playground on the North Coast.

Morning runs are from the clubhouse at 5am and routes vary. Longer and slower training runs normally take place on a Saturday and Sunday (in peak Comrades training period). Some of the longer training runs are seconded by amazing volunteers who support those runners pounding the pavements for many hours. Please feel welcome to join, if you would like more information please contact us.

We often hear people say they are waiting until they get fitter. Don’t wait!!  Come and join in and your fitness will rapidly improve, as will your motivation levels.



We aim to cater for all levels of runners, from a person just wishing to finish their first race, to someone wishing to run a personal best. There is a faster group that runs at between 5 and 6 mins/km and then another group that runs at between 6 and 7mins/km. Make sure that you mention your current pace or needs when you join for the first time.

Our club captain and biokineticist, Nic Acampora overseas the training programme. A weekly programme is sent out on a Monday via the members whatsapp groups. If you are a member and want to be added to the whatsapp group or need a copy of the training programme, please email



Comrades 2020 Training Programme


The Comrades training season has kicked off with a bang and we are in full swing in preparation for the big event. You want to go into Comrades well trained, but not broken and we offer a Training programme to all members, ranging from a 7:30h finish guide up to a Sub 12h finish.


This programme has been designed by our resident Club Captain and biokineticist, Nic Acampora.


As a member, ensure that you are logged in and click on the link below to access our Training Programme.


Comrades Training Programme 2020