Events – What’s happening?

Comrades 2017 training has resumed and members can take advantage of the training programme and the various training runs.

Dolphin’s membership is open but licenses are only available from the 4th week of January. You can use your 2016 until the end of January. There are new rules from ASA concerning displaying your license number and we will circulate these as soon as we have them. Also, please remember, that you need the correct age badge on your front and back to be eligible for age category prizes.


The Deloitte Challenge 2017


Calling all Dolphin's to please put your name down to help at the Deloitte Challenge on 7 May 2017. 

Please contact the following people for the various portfolios:

Race Office: 032 586 3822

Barry Holland - Race Director 083 252 0691

Nikola Ramsden - Marshals 084 555 0001

Jean Mackinnon- Registration 082 929 4246

Sarah Swainson - Finish area 072 698 9746