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DCS Jump Start

What happens when you loose your running mojo?

All of us go through stages when putting on your running shoes is the last thing you feel like. Or maybe you have been training hard but some runs just don’t go according to plan. You feel sluggish or your times are not improving. This happens to all of us. How can you re-claim your running mojo? Here are some ideas to help you. Look at the whole picture- Perhaps you have had a really busy week, or a fight with your boss? Maybe you have not eaten properly or you’ve been […]

Awards Evening 2016

Our Awards evening 2016

 The Dolphin Coast Striders Annual awards evening took place on Saturday night. This is the culmination event of the running calendar and an opportunity to acknowledge some outstanding achievements. The evening not only celebrates superb running times but also recognises runners who have improved, Comrades novice achievements, best Comrades run of the day and many other inspiring awards.One of the highlights of the evening is the ladies and men’s awards for “Runner of the Year”. This is awarded to a runner who has had outstanding times in a number of […]

Marc and Ross before the trail run

Taking you to places few ever go

South Africa has some of the most scenic runs and often takes runners to places few ever go. This weekend our Dolphins were out taking part in some of this country’s most magnificent and challenging runs. Congratulations to Danny and Pam Holton who completed the 19th Rhodes Trail Run. This year’s participants started in minus 7 degrees and experienced very tough conditions due to the drought. Adding to it was a route change and the underfoot ground was very loose making this year technically challenging. Definitely not for the faint […]

Jump Start 2016 Saturday morning run

Take a moment… maybe running can change your life

Take a moment. Close your eyes and go to the place where you feel happy, relaxed and at peace. Notice how the unrelenting tasks of the day, the chaos of life simply seem to fade away in this place. We all have our “happy place” that offers us refuge from stress, worries and gives you the space in which to take a breath. Realign with life. Like so many runners, for me this sanctuary is found on the road accompanied by the rhythmical sounds of running shoes hitting the tar, […]

Jump Start 10& 21

Jump Start

Joining a new group can be very intimidating, especially when you are trying to get fit or just starting out. Dolphin’s Jump start programme is designed to take the fear and intimidation out of the starting to run. Although Comrades is a huge part of any running club in South Africa Dolphins is excited to announce a new programme to would recognise and encourage new runners. Jump Start is aimed at someone that is new to running, starting out and looking for a running goal or even someone that has run […]

Barry Holland Comrades 2016

Izokuthoba, it will humble you

No matter whether it is your first time or 44th time standing on the start line for Comrades, you cannot help but be moved, the goose bumps seem to appear automatically. As 05:30 drew nearer, the nerves started to mount as we sang Nkosi sikelel’ iAfrika, followed by Shosholoza. Then the notes of Chariots of fire filled the cold morning air and we knew the time had come. Max Trimborn’s cock crow bellowed over the loudspeakers and marked the start. As we gradually moved forward you knew the 2016 down […]

Starling Plumbers 21kms

Runner’s Lingo

This weekend the Dolphins did their last race before Comrades. The Starling Plumbers 21km route winds around Mount Edgecombe Estate and is a great opportunity for participants to run a good solid pace. More importantly it helps give runners the mental confidence that they are ready for the big day. The group ran in a “bus”, giving each person an opportunity to be “bus driver” and “drive the bus” at 5:45min per km.     No surprise that runners have their own language and set of acronyms. So for those that might […]

The mighty Deloitte Challenge!

The day after a major event like the Deloitte Challenge the emotions are still running high. As the day plays over in your mind you are constantly remembering areas that need to be improve and ideas that will help generate an even better race for future year. But lets pause for a moment and really let it sink in. Dolphin Coast Striders was the hosting club for a magnificent event. This is no easy task; the combination four different road running distances, all starting from different start points, a cycle […]

Maritzburg Marathon

Epic Maritzburg Marathon

The last two weeks have been filled with some great running. Last weekend’s Maritzburg Marathon was epic. The new route was a definite improvement and the highlight for me was running past the Pietermartizburg Town Hall knowing that in less than 80 days I will be standing in the exact same spot waiting to start Comrades. The conditions were overcast and ideal running weather. The Dolphins looked smart in their awesome kit and the encouragement and camaraderie on the route, and afterwards, was magnificent. As I finished and took my […]

Comrades Route Tester

Comrades Route Tester

If you happen to be passing Cato Ridge on Sunday morning at 5am you would have seen fifty excited Dolphins heading out on the R103 to begin their 55kms Comrades Route tester. The weather was overcast and made for perfect running conditions. We wound our way up Inchange, down Botha’s and then onto Hillcrest. We then swiftly headed down the back on Fields Hill and onto Pinetown, up the last big climb of Cowie’s Hill and finally making our way towards the finish at Westridge Tennis Stadium. This is not […]