Tips for beginners

It is often said that the hardest step to becoming a runner is that first one out the front door. However for novices wanting to start running there are often many other intimidating factors. So here are some tips for beginner runners:


Get the gear – invest in a good pair of running shoes. It is usually advisable to go and see an independent running store. Their staff normally has more specialized product knowledgeable and specially trained staff to help you find the shoes that will work for your running style.


Get a group – Being accountable to others usually improves your level of commitment to your training. Motivation, enthusiasm and laughter are ever present in our Dolphins morning group that runs weekdays from the Salt Rock County Club at 5am and then longer runs on the weekend. If you are starting out come and speak to Bev Browne who leads the group known as the “motivators”. This group is for beginner runners and people wanting to gradually improve.


Get a plan- Find a beginner training programme to follow. Having a set plan is the most effective way to stay focused. Dolphins have a weekly training programme or if you need some training advice come down to the club and speak to Barry Holland.


Get a goal – it is always easier to train towards something. Put a goal in place, it doesn’t need to be a marathon, it might simply be running the full 5km time trial route on a Wednesday or a fun 10km race. Make it achievable.


Get adjusted – bear in mind that your body will need time to adjust to the new demands you are placing on it. You may be more tired in the beginning but hang in there, before you know it you will be seeing improvements in your speed and the distance that you can run comfortably


So grab those running shoes. Start somewhere today. Don’t put it off.


Remember everyone is welcome at time trial every Wednesday night at 17:45 from the Salt Rock Country Club.